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03/14/2013 Darnell Group Reports on Greenscape view
02/05/2013 Green Plug Creates Chief Scientist Role view
01/09/2013 Power Electronics Companies to Watch in 2013 view
12/12/2012 Darnell Group Coverage of Green Plug Series C view
12/12/2012 Green Plug Plugs Into a Fresh Jolt of Funding view
12/11/2012 Green Plug Connects With Series C to Fuel Next-Gen Power Adapters view
10/24/2012 Green Plug Awarded Patent for Legacy Connector view
03/26/2012 Green Plug Adapts to Changing Market view
01/16/2012 GPP Digital Controller for AC-DC Power Conversion view
09/25/2011 Green Plug Praised at Going Green view
07/08/2011 Making the Case for Digital Control for EPS view
02/14/2011 One Plug to Rule Them All view
01/26/2011 Novel Processor Manages Green Power view
01/11/2011 Evolution of analog circuits to digital controllers in EPS view
01/07/2011 Saving Energy via Digital Power view
01/06/2011 Smart Power Adapter Technology at CES view
01/06/2011 Green Plug Digital, Efficient Power view
10/26/2010 Green Plug to Power PURE Digital Radios view
10/26/2010 Green Plug Bridges Plug Loads to Smart Grid - The Longest Yard view
10/12/2010 Green Plug Lauds Industry Effort for Smart Power Adapters view
02/19/2010 When Power Adapters Get Energy Smart: Interviewing Green Plug view
02/15/2010 Standardize This! 10 Technology Messes That Need Fixing view
12/29/2009 One step closer to smarter power supplies: Green Plug inks deals with chip supplier, OEM view
11/12/2009 Green Plug Pushes Ahead with Power Adapter Standardization Plans view
11/12/2009 UPDATE 1-Imagination Tech inks power adapter deal with US co view
06/10/2009 Green Plug Partners with Wipower for Advanced Wireless Power Systems view
02/27/2009 Taking the Green, Universal Charger to the Next Level view
02/17/2009 Greens Give Thumbs Up To GSMA's Universal Phone Charger view
01/22/2009 Green power supply start-up hires new engineering veep view
01/10/2009 Green Plug & Peter Brady Battle Wasted Energy view
01/08/2009 Innergie mCube90G green power plug saves energy and carry-on space view
12/18/2008 Stake vampire power with Innergie smart hub view
12/17/2008 Innergie: A Smart, Green Hub view
12/17/2008 Innergie and Green Plug join forces to make the mCube90G view
11/05/2008 Frank Paniagua: "Failure Is Not an Option" view
08/25/2008 Green Plug Inc. view
08/25/2008 Green Plug snags heavy hitter for board view
08/15/2008 Plugged into energy efficiency view
07/01/2008 [Interview] Green Plug Discusses 'Common AC Adapter' view
06/18/2008 Westinghouse is plugged in. Green Plugged, that is. view
06/16/2008 Support grows for Green Plug's universal power adapter view
06/14/2008 Green Plug starts small, signs on Westinghouse view
06/13/2008 Charging Ahead - A smart power strip delivers just the right amount of juice view
06/13/2008 Tech companies aim to untangle power supplies view
06/13/2008 Support Grows for Universal Power Adapter view
05/27/2008 Survey: Consumers Clamoring for Compatible Power Supplies view
05/20/2008 Two green tech confabs coming up in early June view
05/20/2008 Universal Remote Works As Energy Saver, Too view
05/20/2008 Switched On: Green Plug tries to replace the worry warts (Part 2) view
05/10/2008 Switched On: Green Plug tries to replace the worry warts (Part 1) view
05/04/2008 Power cord clutter: A picture is worth a thousand words view
04/23/2008 Win a Beverly Hills Lunch With A Brady - If You've Got the Messiest Cable Clutter in the Nation view
04/23/2008 GreenPlug Contest - Our Entry view
04/21/2008 10 ways to go green for $50 or less view
04/18/2008 A.M. Greenlist: Soy milk becomes green energy view
04/18/2008 One Plug To Rule Them All view
04/16/2008 Making the most out of Earth Day, the green tech way view
04/07/2008 Take A Lunch Break With Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry view
04/07/2008 Taming the power pack sprawl: photo contest highlights mess under desktops view
04/05/2008 GreenPlug: What’s Under Your Desk? view
04/02/2008 Green Plug Petitions for Power Supply Standard view
03/17/2008 Green Plug Strives Toward Universal Power Adapter view
03/10/2008 'Green'-generation facilities management software view
01/31/2008 DEMO 08: My Favorites view
01/31/2008 Demo08 Wrap-Up: My Ten Favorite Products view
01/31/2008 More highlights from Demo 08 view
01/30/2008 Demo conference intrigues, but doesn't electrify view
01/30/2008 Green Plug's Digital Power view
01/30/2008 DEMO 08 Highlights, Sidelights, and Lowlights view
01/30/2008 Tech Hits (And Misses) Keep on Coming at DEMO view
01/30/2008 Green Plug Debuts Universal Power Supply view
01/29/2008 Demo 08: Green Plug debuts universal power supply view
01/29/2008 Demo goes green view
01/29/2008 Demo08 goes green with a universal power supply and green Web site view
01/29/2008 Demo 08, day two view
01/29/2008 Green-For-Profit At DEMO '08 view
01/29/2008 The Future is Now at DEMO 08 view
01/28/2008 Imagine having just one power supply for all your portable gadgets view
01/28/2008 20 DEMO Products That Matter To VARs view
01/28/2008 DEMO Showcases New Tech In The Desert view
01/25/2008 Got cash? Let the bidding wars begin view
01/10/2008 CES 2008: Green Plug at Piero's view
01/10/2008 Tech Talk: Some themes emerge from CES view
01/10/2008 A Look Back At The Future Of Electronics view
01/08/2008 Green Plug: Standardise plugs to save the planet view
01/08/2008 CES: A paler shade of green view
01/07/2008 Green Plug's Smart Power Initiative view
01/07/2008 Tech Aims to Green Up Its Act view
01/03/2008 Gadgets to Go Green at Electronics Show view
01/9/2013 Power Electronics Companies to Watch in 2013 view

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