Basic Power Source and Control Equipment for Stick Welders and Multipurpose Welders

Multipurpose welders are heavy equipment that requires a heavy power source that will aid in running the control unit. Based on different backgrounds and economic levels, the manufacturers try to accommodate every nation in line with their grid policies. For example, there are countries where they use three-phase while others use two-phase. Some of the main sources of power include

  • AC transformer
  • DC/AC transformer
  • Inverter
  • DC rectifier
  • DC generator

The power sources get directly to the control equipment. Take note, they must be compatible and in line with the circuits.  The most common power sources for welders and control equipment include thyristor, saturated reactor and primary tapped control unit. In most cases, the stick welders maximum single pass are ideal for small welders due to the fact it has the capability of making it the most portable for a multipurpose welder. Let us look at the importance and limitations of the power sources in the welding industry.

AC Transformer

AC in power means Alternating current which is a high power voltage that is used in an industrial machine. The small and medium-sized welders have a low voltage hence you need a power source that will downgrade the voltage to direct current- which is a lower voltage. Surprisingly, the voltage is low but has a high current hence it has no limitation when it comes to speed and performance. Electricity from the national grid has to be downgraded to low voltage using this power source inbuilt on the welders for it to function effectively.

DC/AC transformer

This is a multipurpose power source for the simple reason of managing both high voltage and low current vs. low voltage and high current machine. It is the most ideal source when you have unreliable electricity, so one works as a backup depending on the strength of power from the national grid. The quality of the welding is not compromised at all cost, in any case then that is a manufacturer’s defect but not an issue from the power source.


This is the opposite of the previous sources discussed. It does not change from direct current to alternating current. When you have a renewable power source then this is not a new word to you. Every stick welder machine has an amount of power it can consume hence when you have an excess current when it is not managed well then it can burn your appliance. Instead of this accident, you need a power source that will redirect the excess energy to the main grid.

DC rectifier

The name tells it all. When you have a power that is not well managed then you might lose your stick welder. Here is a power source that changes the alternating current to direct current on your welding appliance but with a specific purpose of controlling the flow of current on mainly one direction.

DC generator

What happens when you lack power on your power grid? You need a manual way of generating power to run your stick welders. It provides direct current from an electricity generating machine which uses either diesel or petrol. You do not need to stop your welding work when you have the national power outrage.  Have it as your back up.

The choice of the best welding equipment depends on the power source. You have to have a rough idea of the affordable options for you before you make a final purchase to avoid disappointment.