Family Fun Time 101: 7 Awesome Green Outdoor Family Activities

Summer is an excellent time for you and your family to engage in outdoor activities while also teaching the kids about the environment. With birds singing and flowers out in full bloom, you will always find something to spread the fun and make the family bond stronger. Additionally, the long school vacation means you have plenty of time to plan green outdoor activities with everyone. 

However, going outdoors may not be as fun if you are used to indoor activities, such as movies and music. You may find yourself with limited options, considering you are not after any fun but only green fun activities. This article puts together a list of awesome green outdoor family activities for you to make your work more manageable. 

  • Enjoy A Picnic At The Park

Family picnics are a great way to have fun while protecting the environment. Pack some food, music, some books and enjoy sunbathing in the greens. Ensure you use reusable bags instead of plastics to carry your items. You can also use this as an opportunity to carry an extra bag and collect trash along the park. 

Hint: Canvas tote bags are a fantastic way of packing lunch and other items. Additionally, they are environmental-friendly and reusable. 

  • Go On A Family Hiking Trail

Hiking trails are awesome, depending on where you are. Some hiking trails can be challenging for kids, so be sure to pick short routes. You may also want to visit a landmark in your hiking trail and take a snack break along the way. 

Hint: Conquering a few trails each day will help the kids beat the finish line with ease compared to going on a longer trail in a day. 

  • Make It A Sports Day

A sports day with friends and family is a terrific way to enjoy the summer without taking a toll on the environment. Ask your kids to bring their friends as you also bring other family members. You can also share a meal before you continue with your games.

Hint: Tag is a great game for family and friends. Consider having some members on either side and enjoy weighing your strengths. 

  • Spend The Day In Your Garden 

Do you prefer to spend the day at home? Gardening is a fantastic option. Additionally, gardening is a great way to increase your farm produce and teach the kids how to grow and attend to some plants. 

Hint: Grow your own food in the garden. 

  • Make It An Outdoor Reading Session

Make your kids love reading by creating a tranquil environment that helps them visualize what they read and learn. This should also be an opportunity to forge a stronger family bond and discuss issues that affect you. 

Introduce a book or ask the kids to propose a book they would love to read for the day. You may also want to bring a deck chair and choose the garden or a local park for your reading environment.

Hint: Consider reading environmental books that help your kids understand their surroundings

  • Go Camping 

Camping is one of the most brilliant ways to enjoy the weekend with friends and family. You can camp in your backyard or visit a campsite. You may also consider buying a tent and other camping gear and get in tune with the environment. Take this as an opportunity to teach the kids about the environment.

Grilling some food at home is an excellent decision if you want to pack some for the camping trip. Built-in gas grills are convenient, especially if you have big countertop and may help you prepare plenty of food for the entire camping duration. 

Hint: Pick a site closer to your home to reduce driving around with luggage for hours.

  • Go On A Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday. Planning a treasure hunt can be challenging. However, you can invite other parents and work together. 

To make it more interesting, add some treasure, preferably environmental aspects, at the end of every clue. This will also motivate kids. 

Hint: Keep the clues closer to avoid having kids running far away. 


There are many wonderful eco-friendly activities for you and your family. However, you should always prepare well for every activity and ensure you maximize environmental protection. If you have a problem coming up with a green idea for your family fun time, pick one from this list and enjoy the fun.