Is Hard Water Safe for Cleaning Your Electronic Gadgets?

If you are looking for “clean” electronic gadgets, then you aren’t living on planet earth. Even The brand new devices from the manufacturers are “dirty.”

The static charge common in most electronics is a draw for diet, dust, fingerprint oils. As you change hands from one gadget to the other, you are transferring germs and bacteria.

The contaminants exceed the number of bacteria in a toilet seat.

Look at your most valued gadget- the smartphone.

 You touch it while eating, cooking, driving, and even bathing. As you hold it, the bacteria stick on your hands and transfer it to other gadgets.

With this, you also touch your face, nose, ears, and even your lips. To prevent this back and forth navigation of contaminants, you need to ensure you have a clean electronic.

The mention of cleaning, the first solvent that comes to your mind, is water. At the same time, water is a disaster in the gadget for the following reasons.

  • Completes a circuit
  • Destroys capacitors
  • Causes electric shorts
  • Passes high current to undesired areas in the gadget

With all these doubts, electronics have the outer and inner parts. Water is detrimental to the internal components of the gadget. On the outer part, water is effective in removing all the germs.

The question is, which type of water is safe?

As we focus on the outer part, here are a few options to help you clean the inner parts of your devices

  • Blow compressed air on the gadget
  • Dampen a cloth in a sanitizer and wipe the parts
  • Use a microfiber on cotton swabs to clean the crevices
  • Disconnect the parts and let then dry in a cool and dry place (open-air cleaning)

The outer parts of your gadget have no issue when using water to clean them. The two types of water- hard water and soft water- now determines the method you need to use.

Hard water is safe, even for human consumption. Its only disadvantage if the high amount of calcium and magnesium that may cause a reaction to your gadgets.

Moreover, when in contact with detergent, which is alkaline, it forms scum, which causes blockages in electronics, especially when there is a pipe that connects some parts.

The only option is to use a water softener to remove the hardness and get “clean” water for your electronics.

You have two options to achieve this. First, is to pass the water through sodium carbonate. The second option is to install an ion-exchange column- filtration unit.

 Sodium carbonate comes as a solid block in which you dip in the hard water and wait for some minutes to disengage the chemicals.

The filtration unit is the best option since you not only have water for cleaning your gadget but also for your domestic use.

 It’s simple; you only need to purchase a unit and install it in your water systems. One significant advantage of this type of water softener is your ability to view both inside and out of the water system.

How about that? You are guaranteed of clear water when using it to clean your devices.

Benefits of soft water to your electronics

1. Shines the glassware component of your device

The glass part of your gadget aids in easy vision besides the addition of aesthetic value. When clogged with other components maintaining its original state is not an easy task.

In case you manage, the possibility of having cracks is very high. Therefore, a water softener prolongs the life of your glassware and also makes it shiny.

2. Saves energy

When cleaning your gadget with hard water, the amount of energy you use when cleaning your gadget is a lot compared to soft water.

The breaking down of the ions to allow detergent to work on the water for cleaning purposes consumes energy and time. Is there a need for that hassle when you have an option of electronic water softeners?

3. Reduces maintenance costs

As long as hard water passes through the pipes, over time, the ions break down as a result of the chemical activity forming substances that blocks the pipes and the water systems.

Over time, you are always calling the plumber for maintenance services. Solve this once and for all by installing a filter system for a constant supply of soft water.

4. Prevents mineral build-up on your gadgets

Just as it does on your pipes, similarly, you have them on your electronics.

Your electric kettle and all other devices that have direct contacts with hard water have the mineral build-up, which in the long term, causes an electrical mishap.

Save both the outer and inner parts of your gadget from dust and its particles by cleaning it with the right kind of liquid.

 It saves you money and unnecessary circuit shorts and clogs that might have long-term defects on your devices’ functioning.

The sensitivity of the electric systems dictates the way you handle them in cleaning and general maintenance operations.