Our Team


Our team is diverse but well-oiled, with the appropriate synergy to work together. Thus, every individual is essential though there are different teams. The members include some renewable energy experts who founded this project. We also have the administrative staff necessary for the daily running of the organization.

Meanwhile, the media team is responsible for web content and everything regarding contacting us. More importantly, we have dedicated volunteers who contribute majorly to our success. That’s because they give their time and show commitment to the work we do without remuneration.

Frank P. Paniagua, Jr

Founder and CEO

+1 313-238-7611

Gus Pabon

Chief Technical Officer

+1 616-693-1810

Parag Mody

Director of Hardware Engineering

+1 574-286-8472

Jason Elric

Material Engineer

+1 714-649-9545

Frequently Asked Questions

Each state has Renewable Portfolio standards. Thus, the Renewable Energy Credit is a certificate awarded to a business that complies with that. It means you must use energy generated from a renewable source and meet the specific requirements. It’s then you can get the credit that affords you certain benefits, including funding for renewable energy technologies.

Beyond why green energy is essential, it affords us other benefits that make the use worthwhile. The first one is cost reduction. The renewability of these power sources makes it infinite, and thus, you spend less on energy bills. Also, it provides tax credits for businesses which further cuts their cost. One other advantage is that it contributes to boosting the economy as well.

Generally, there are several reasons why green energy is essential to us today. It includes the fact that they provide more easily accessible and renewable power sources. That, in turn, ensures the availability of these power systems even in underserved communities. Additionally, it fights global warming, which is a massive threat to our environment.

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