Green Plug’s novel controller technology with configurable blocks for power conversion enables our customers to take a platform approach to their designs. Even very small modifications normally take weeks using conventional analog control methods, but are accomplished in hours or days using the Green Power Processor™ (GPP™). This flexibility and adaptability is an extreme competitive advantage for our customers, enabling them to more quickly address their customer requirements, lower the threshold of time and expense to experiment, provide superior quality and functionality, and win more deals.

With Green Plug, you get:

  • Expanding library of control algorithms for curve shaping, EMI filtering, thermal management and more
  • Knowledge and tools (Greenscape and Codescape) to instantiate our IP
  • Extreme flexibility for multiple fab processes, power supply topologies and application requirements
  • Unique BME for energy savings in low-power mode.Our patented Greentalk™ communications protocol is a very low-cost and effective way for power supply and sink to function as a system, enabling product designers to optimize them for low power consumption. Greentalk also provides the environment for developing smart power monitoring applications. For example, power adapters built using the GPP automatically reduce standby power waste and can report power consumption statistics to upstream Smart Grid applications.